In just a few months after the opening of TM Bistro, we are happy to note that we have enjoyed a good following from the people of Glendale. Below are some of the testimonials that we have received. We hope that you will also send us yours.  


Raine, 28 

Oh my God, TM Bistro is absolutely fabulous! I came here with my girlfriends for just a regular nightout and we were absolutely floored by the great food and the most awesome service. Everything is definitely spectacular. We will definitely be good patrons of this great, new place. Bravo! 


Arnold P., 31 

I brought a girl to this place for a date intending to impress her. And TM Bistro definitely did not disappoint. We had such an awesome time in this restaurant and we definitely enjoyed ourselves here. I will continue bringing my girl here for awesome date nights.  


Pia, 45 

I go to TM Bistro for the great wine selections. They have really good wines and most of them have even won awards. I was also very happy to learn that I was not only drinking great wines but also helping out small farmers in Australia, France, Chile, among others. I like the fact that TM Bistro does not only offer great wine selections but also an opportunity to help small communities and farmers. A plus is the fact that their waiters know what wine goes well with what kind of food. They have such a talented team here.  


Renz, 25 

I absolutely love the food as well as the ambiance in this little strip of paradise. TM Bistro is everything that I know a bistro should be and more. It is now my go-to place. I will bring my friends and co-workers next time and even my dad too.