About Us 

TM Bistro is a newly opened restaurant specializing in French and Mediterranean cuisine in Glendale. We have noticed the dearth of high quality but affordable restaurants in the area. This is why we have opened our very own. Our goal is to provide the people of Glendale wonderful food and great ambiance at a most affordable price.  

We at TM Bistro are very much proud of our food and menus that we have created especially for you. We encourage all the people of Glendale to try our offerings and experience for themselves why we are a class above all others. Aside from our food, we also pride ourselves in our very personalized service. Try us now and let us make you feel very special.  

TM Bistro, despite being very new in the Glendale food scene, has caught the interest of people and the food connoisseurs in the area. We are very happy to have received positive reviews and awards from different review sites. Of course, all of these would not have been possible without the leadership of our great chef who has great experience in the preparation of great quality food that makes us a cut above the rest of restaurateurs and hoteliers in the Glendale area.  


Our chef – Stefan Pierre Magni 

Stefan is of an Italian-French descent with a mother who is French and a Father who is Italian. As a young boy, he has been very interested in cooking. He was able to fuse his parents’ heritage into his cooking as well as his travels to the Middle East and the Mediterranean. This is what now defines the cuisine that he brings to TM Bistro. Stefan has trained extensively as a chef in top restaurants and hotels in Dubai and Saudi Arabia and he brings all of these to TM Bistro.