Are you up for a wonderful lunch or dinner with friends and family? What about spending a night drinking great wine or maybe sipping a whisky or a brandy? If yes, then get out of your house and head on to TM Bistro, a swanky place to meet up with friends or family members to just enjoy yourself.  

TM Bistro is a newly-opened restaurant in Scottsdale that serves wonderful food with a mix of French and Mediterranean cuisine. We pride ourselves in offering fresh and high quality food with great taste and wonderful ambiance at super affordable rates. We also offer you only the very best personalized service.  

Have a great epicurean experience. Go to TM Bistro to experience the very best that we can offer the people of Scottsdale. Our offerings include fresh Maine lobsters and oysters that have been sourced fresh from France, Japan and Canada. We also have an international wine and liquor list to suit your most discriminating palates.  

We started cooking and offered meals in our garage, but quickly felt we had fine tuned our menu to open a retail restaurant. After our garage door broke and the guys at http://a1garage.com/scottsdale had to fix it, but this forced our hand a little earlier than we had planned.

So that you know what we have on our menu, here’s a sample:  

Pizza Menu 


We have various types of pizzas on our menu. We have Margherita, 5-cheese pizza, Mozzarella, Hawaiian, Fruiti Di Mare, Smoked Salmon, Vegetarian, Pepperoni and Bacon. Our pizzas are made from only the finest ingredients, with secret herbs and spices that even come from Italy and recipes that have been handed down from generations of Italian families.  


Appetizers and Salads 


We offer various choices for appetizers and salads which are a mix of French and Mediterranean delicacies. These include the following: Cheese selections from different French regions such as Normandie, Perigord and Champagne; our Charcuterie selections of the finest cured meats, tomatoes, olives, artichokes, among others; oysters that are imported from Canada and France; seafood again from Canada and France; Beef from France and Japan featuring only the very best Angus Beef, Tajima and Wagyu meats. We also have lamb, sole, foie gras, chicken and USDA beef.  


Chef’s Specials 


You can also take advantage of our two types of chef offerings. We have the Chef’s Specials, a menu concocted by only our very best chef. It includes red prawns, halibut, scallops, lamp, USDA beef with artful desserts such as black truffles cream, chocolate marquise and strawberry sorbet topped with coffee and pralines for a wonderful end to a great evening.  

We also offer the Chef’s Table Extraordinaire for those who want to bring their dining experience to the next level. This kind of menu features vichyssoise, high grade salmon and oysters, king crabs, Brittany lobsters, Japanese beef tenderloin or USDA beef, among others. It is capped by wonderfully premium dark chocolate and creamy ice cream with only dark and great tasting coffee or tea and pralines.  

In order to book a table, we strongly urge you to contact us first as reservations always take precedence. Our restaurant is open Mondays through Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. If you wish to book a private event with us, let us know so that we can prepare the most appropriate area for you.